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Nxt Level Detailing offers more than the average shop. We perform high-quality window tinting, wheel repair, caliper painting, and vinyl wrapping just to name a few of our services. Read below to learn more about each of these exceptional services.

Vehicle Window Tint

We take pride in all of our services and our level of care is clear when you have your vehicle tinted with us. From our premium selection of window tinting films to our extended warranties, and all the way down to our precision cutting & installation. You can tell you’re getting the best window tinting possible. Our tint doesn’t crack, fade, or bubble and comes with impressive warranties. Get a quote now to get started.

Orange County Automotive Window Tint Specialists

Automotive window tint isn’t just for celebrities who don’t want to be seen, it has many advantages for all vehicle owners. A first-class window tint makes driving safer by providing UV protection and reducing glare and heat. A cooler, glare-free driving environments mean safer, more focused driving and reduce the chance of accidents.

Automotive window tint prevents prying eyes from spying on passengers and belongings too. This helps deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle in parking lots or at gas stations.

Five tint shades are available with special ceramic tints and mirror/reflective tints available upon request.

Why tint your vehicle? 

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Beyond the coolness effect – aka your car looks amazing, there are practical benefits to tinting your windows. These include:

  • UV protection – which prolongs the life of your interior.
  • Also protects you from UV rays which cause skin cancer.
  • Reduces glare and heat.
  • Discourages people from breaking your windows and stealing your possessions.
  • Helps prevent glass shatter.

Nxt Level Detailing offers five shades of window tint – light, ultra light, medium, dark and limo. Typically, we use only charcoal colors, but reflective/mirror style and ceramic tint are available upon request.

Reflective/mirror tint is a substitute for blackout or limo tint. It produces a reflective appearance on the exterior while protecting the interior.

Ceramic window tint is a fascinating technology that doesn’t use dyed film or metal to achieve results. The best feature about ceramic window tint is its ability to block more heat than a standard film of the same shade. Its extra-strength construction also makes it resistant to bubbling, fading, and discoloration for longer than metallic window tint films.


Benefits of Vehicle Window Tint

  • Blocks harmful UV rays which damage your seats, dashboard, and cause skin cancer.
  • Reduces theft – people can’t see into your car as easily.
  • Drastically improves the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Protects your windows and reduces the chance of shattering.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • Doesn’t fade, crack, or bubble.
  • Carries very long manufacturer warranties.

Wheel Repair 

If you scratch your wheels or get curb rash, you don’t have to get new wheels. Instead, you can bring your vehicle into our shop where we’ll make them look brand new. Nxt Level Detailing has all the tools, materials, and expertise to completely restore your wheels to their original luster.

Our professional team will remove any coating from your wheel, buff out all the scratches, recoat and repaint your wheel so they look brand new. On top of that, we make sure its affordable for you. At just $175 for single wheels or $150 per wheel for 2 or more wheels, you can’t beat this deal. Get in touch today to get your wheels fixed.

Caliper Painting

Painted calipers ads an extra layer of customization to your vehicle that shows you pay attention to detail. Having rusty or factory calipers on your vehicle doesn’t look good when the rest of your car is in mint condition. Whether you have a supercar or even an older, factory vehicle, a fresh coat of paint on your calipers can really make your car pop. 

For our caliper painting, we can paint them any color you choose. We use high heat paint that’s built to withstand the extreme temperatures of your brakes without rusting or flaking off.  

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