Why Use Paint Protection Films?

Paint protection film, commonly referred to as a clear car bra, protects your paint from rock chips, scratches, stains, bug splatter, bird droppings, and sun damage.

It is an excellent investment for owners of supercars, exotics, race cars, and luxury vehicles, though it can be applied to vans, pick-up trucks and everyday vehicles as well.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, a paint protection film can last many years or even for the lifetime of your vehicle. Paint protection film should be installed by a highly skilled professional installer.

Our advanced technology Xpel film is infused with clear protection. It permeates the material, eliminating the need for a topcoat. This breakthrough technology creates a PPF that weathers the elements better and won’t crack or peel under tough road conditions.

With Nxt Level Detailing, our professional installers apply a custom-designed protective film to your vehicle. We utilize professional-grade plotters to cut your clear bra to match the dimensions of your vehicle, so it’s perfect every time. For more detailed or unique vehicles, we have highly skilled technicians who are capable of creating handcrafted clear bra kits for the most complex vehicles on the road.

Smooth Xpel Paint Protection Film fits snugly on your vehicle’s contours allowing our techs to provide the best install possible. It’s more flexible than average paint protection film and expands for sleek finishing on any vehicle. Installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on how much of the vehicle is being protected.

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More Clear Bra benefits: 

  • Longterm protection for damage-prone areas
  • You won’t need to repaint your bumper for years 
  • Preserves original paint and vehicle value
  • The only way to protect your matte paint from scratches
  • Makes cleaning easier 

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